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Contribution to Society

Not only does Maetrika as an incubator help connect inventor and investor, but no less important, is the resulting partnership that can lead to an entirely new economic ecosystem.

Let’s take Intel Corp., the world’s leading computer chip maker, as an example. Prior to its invention of microprocessors, who would think that such a small invention could radically change how people work and live?  Let alone create a totally new industry that today creates millions of jobs worldwide.

Intel is only one of many inventions that have positively contributed to the world’s societies.

Risky and yet promising, such inventions are typically unable to acquire funding through the more traditional channels. Banks and other similar lending institutions rarely want to risk funding for these radical inventions.

Nevertheless, history has recorded a number of innovative investment vehicles that provide great solutions for such inventions. The innovative investment vehicles, in the form of angel investors, incubators, VCs, PEs and many others, have proven to be the ones made possible a lot of technologies that we enjoy today. These investment vehicles contribute to our society by taking the risk to selectively fund and grow radical ideas.