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Message to Investor
Message to Inventor

Message to Inventor

Either you are a first-time inventor or a seasoned entrepreneur, Maetrika is here to help you translate your ideas or inventions into a remarkable accomplishment. We are in “the company-building” business, not in the “deal making” business.

As an inventor partnering with Maetrika, you will be assured that your invention will be handled with utmost attention and care by our team of professionals. Our service will allow you to have more free time, so you can concentrate on your core competency while our team manages other commercial aspects of the business, such as market accessibility and funding requirements.

If you are an outstanding entrepreneur and determined to realize your vision, we will consider a partnership with you. In the event that we decide to work as partner, we will endeavor to finish the race. Your success is our success.

Our idea of a great inventor/entrepreneur is one who:

  • Has passion for new ideas and for turning those ideas into a great company.

  • Can deliver highly-unique technology or business approach.

  • Has clarity of purpose, can articulate and focus on the company's vision.

  • Is frugal by nature and can run a business in a capital efficient manner.

  • Has a good reputation and able to provide references that support competence and potentials.

  • Understands the need and importance of team-work and is a team builder.

  • Works diligently toward stretch goals.

  • Is highly discipline, honest, reliable and has a track record of getting things done.

  • Has a proven working prototype or proof-of-concept.