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Welcome to Maetrika
Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

As Indonesia’s first and only private incubator, Maetrika focuses on commercializing innovative ideas, creativities and technologies by means of creating a seed or early state fund dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs and inventors to start up their remarkable companies.

Our endeavor to bring these companies to their success is rooted from our passionate goal to support our entire ecosystem, which consists of investors, inventors, employees and society at large.

We incorporate those ideas, creativities and technologies into innovative businesses with not only high return potential, but no less important, the opportunities to play a crucial role in making a positive change in our society. In other words, we develop companies to be sustainable, profitable, as well as socially and environmentally responsible.

Our savoir-faire in executing a business strategy covers the entire value chain; from developing business plan and assisting in funding to executing the strategy established in the business plan.

We are aware that economy plays its part in the development of any business. Year 2010 brought Indonesia’s economy in for a smooth landing with the country’s economic growth reaching 6 percent. As the Central Bank predicts the growth to accelerate to 6.5 percent in 2011, we are convinced that Indonesia’s improved economy leads to the improvement of many businesses and industries of various fields nationwide.

While counting our blessings, Maetrika has set its objective for year 2011, which is to develop inventors who focus on creating unique solutions that can contribute to society at large. To achieve such a goal, we work on bringing active investors to explore more business opportunities in Indonesia.  

Through strategic business innovation, Maetrika is optimistic that its vision will launch more successful track records as we are building more trust with both inventors and investors.  

We have successfully built a solid team and always look forward to helping both inventors and investors achieve an outstanding accomplishment in sustainable business model. We are convinced, therefore, that our role as an Indonesian incubator company will make a difference in the future of business incubation nationwide.

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